English Classes 
At Saint Joseph University
Advanced English Course- 2001 / 2002
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Our Projects!

Nehme Carole:
Relationships between parents & children
Abboud Michel:
Relationships between friends

Conflict Management
Chrabieh Ghassan:
Conflicts between employer & employee
Fakhry Lamia:
Conflicts between teacher and student

Chrabieh Lydia:
Respect for civil liberties, social justice & equality
Khoueiry Patrick:
Political rights and integrity

Commandments of a Good ...

Ten Commandments of
a Good...

Social Animator

We are 6 third year Social Animation Students 
taking an Advanced English Course given by 
Mrs. Nada AbiSamra
At "Université Saint-Joseph
during the academic year 2001 / 2002.

Our Names are:

Abboud Michel
Chrabieh Ghassan
Chrabieh Lydia
Fakhry Lamia
Khoueiry Patrick
Nehme Carole

Relevant Topics for Oral/Written Presentations

Useful Links

Oral & Written Presentation Requirements
Written Presentation Preliminary Outline
Interesting Articles & E-mails
10 Commandments of Good Business
"The Chain of Love" by Clay Walker
The Man Song: He's The Man!
  (Song: takes time to download!
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