Faculty of Social Sciences
Teacher: Nada AbiSamra

Social Animators

Topics for Exploration/ Oral & Written Presentations
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Moral and Social Philosophy

Global Environmental Politics
Social work Practices
Mental Health, Empowerment and Community Work
Relationship between Minorities and Majorities
Work, Family and Well-Being
The Information Society
Television: Advantages & Disadvantages
International Relations
Rhetorical Analysis
Foreign Cultures, Policy Models and Integration
Globalisation of Rights and Democracy
Conflict Prevention and Sustainable Peace Building
Team Building
Building up self-esteem
Relashionships between Parents & Children
Relationships between couples/ teenagers/ friends
Applied Ethics
Religions: Buddhism, Islam, Christianity...
Work, family and Well-being psychological implications
Poverty in Lebanon
Migrant workers in Lebanon
Lebanese Families in Crisis
Self-directed and autonomous learning
Test taking strategies & Advice for parents
Violence & Abuse: Euthanasia
The need to belong
Exploring Social Cohesion in a Globalizing Era

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