USJ- Human Sciences- Fall 2004
English Class - Level A
Instructor: Mrs. N. AbiSamra

Some Students' Interviews

Lama Interviewing Sr. Carine
Dalal Interviewing Madonna
Aida Daher Interviewing Sara
Noha Ladki Interviewing ...
Line Samaha Interviewing Zeina Fares

Interviewer : Lama YAZBECK
Guest : Sr Carine IBRAHIM

1. Tell me about your latest experience in the social field?

I’ve been working for many years in the “Ecole de la Charité” at Zouk. I teach Christianity in the complementary and secondary classes. In the afternoon, I work in the internal with girls from 8 to 18 years old.

2. Tell me about a dream you have in life

My essential dream in life is to be able to work in my social field and to succee and do well my job.

3. What are you hobbies

I like dancing and acting in a play the most.

4. Give two positive sides in you

I’m a good listener and I like to help people a lot.

5. Give me one negative aspects in your personality

I get nervous and irritated easily by silly comments from people.

6. Describe the house of your dream

If I was given the choice to have a house of my own, I think I would build it on a beach.

7. How would you spend your retirement

I think I will spend my retirement doing voluntary work as much as my health will allow me to.

8. Describe the perfect parents

Both parents should understand each other and I think I would appreciate the dialogue between them.

9. Describe the perfect mate
No comments.

10. Describe the perfect job

The perfect job for me is any job in which I can work with people who need me the most.

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Dalal HANNA Interviewing Madonna.

1) What is your favorite room in your home and why?
My bed room because I spend the most of my time there also I keep all my valuable things in it.

2) What is the thing that you dislike about yourself?
The thing that I dislike about myself is my sensivity.

3) What is your favorite book and why?
“L’alchimiste” because it’s a great book and it has given me good examples in life.

4) What is the best birthday present you even received?
The best birthday present I’ve ever received was a “cooker spaignel” dog that I still have and I love so much.

5) What would happen if you loved your neighbor as yourself?
The world will be a wonderful peace to be in and there will have no fights neither wars.

6) What would happen if there were no cars, buses, trains, boats or planes? How would this change your life?
Life will be a very hard peace to live in but I would like it anyway because it might make the world less complicated.

7) What would you do if two of your best friends went to the movies without inviting you?
I don’t consider it as an offense. I just hope for them to have fun and I won’t invite them when I go somewhere in which they like to be.

8) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would choose Italy because there is a very beautiful place in it and it’s somehow alike with Lebanon.

9) If you could have been someone in history, who would you have been?
“Martin Ruther King” because he is a revolutionary man that has given the “black” peoples all their rights.

 10) What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to turn on the music and try to invent new steps in corporal expression.

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Aida Daher Interviewing Sara

1- What are you feeling if you fall in your work?

 - I will be depressed, and I will try to find the raisons.

2- If you win a fortune, what do you do?

 - I open institution to prevent delinquency, and I buy a new car.

3- In the life, what are you making happy?

 - When I being with all my friends, and being in a camp.

4- Why you choice your specialization?

 - Because I like helping people and solving there problems.

5- When you graduated to the university, what do you want to do?

 - I want to dance.

6- Are you with the civil marriage?

 - No because I am engaged in my religious.

7- If you have to choice to change one thing in the world, what do you change?

 - I would eliminate Israel people.

8- What do you think about the program of “open your heart”?

 - It is so silly.

9- Are you happy in your life?

 - Yes, I am very happy in my life.

10- Where you want to travel and why?

 - I like to travel to France, because I want to see Disneyland and tour Eiffel.

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Noha Ladki Interviewing ...

1. Do u like to live in Lebanon?
   Yes, because I like the life style that I enjoy in Lebanon and then as i use to live in Saudi Arabia. When we moved to Lebanon, the difference of life style was obvious.

2. Are you happy in your career life?
   I’m still studying but I like the major that I’m studying coz its in my character and it has a lot of variety ways and places to work; that mean I have a lot of choices. It’s not a regular type of work.

3. What are your ambitions?
   My ambition is to find the meaning of  my life.

4. Are you happy in your family life?
   What you know is enough for you to judge.

 5. What are your hobbies?
   I have a lot of hobbies like: Music, sports (Hiking, Kite-flying, swimming).

6. Who is your favorite writer?
   Paollo Koello, Antoine de Saint Exupery, Tanielle, Varoujan, Charents.

7. When you are stress-out, what do you usually do to calm down?
   I would like to have a walk or have a shower then to read a book while having a hot chocolate.

8. What do you think about plastic surgeries?
   Personally, I never thought about it, I’m not against but I don’t really appreciate it too. I like the human beings as he is by nature. Usually when people do plastic surgery, they are mature enough to judge it.

9. What the word friend-ship mean to you?
   Personally, I believe more in friends then in friend ship. I like out going with a group of friend, I enjoy it more.

10. What do you do in case you will win the Loto?
    I have never bothered to buy the Loto papers.

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Line Samaha Interviewing Zeina Fares

1. what’s your name?
My name is Zeina Fares

2. tell me five things to introduce yourself:
I’m 24 years old
I’m in my third year of social work
I work as an assistant in a dental clinic
I practice sports three times a week
I live in jounieh

3. what impresses you most in a guy? And why?
His hands and his nails because I feel like they show out the sexy personality in him

4. what do you think about sex before marriage?
I think sexual relations before marriage are very important because it helps you feel the compatibility between the couple, but of course only if love exists.

5. what’s your opinion about obesity?
It doesn’t really matter to me.

6. what’ your aim for the future?
To be a famous singer.

7. how do you see yourself five years from now?
A big star.

8. do you think you can manage living alone?
No, I hate loneliness, I always need someone to talk to.

9. are you in love? And why?
Yes, I am, but only because I’m stupid and plus this person doesn’t deserve it.

10. if you had one thing to say in front of a public, what would it be?
Please, be HONEST.

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