English Class
At Saint Joseph University

We are 25 second year Business Students
taking a level B English Course given by
Mrs. Nada AbiSamra
At "Université Saint-Joseph"
in July 2004.

Our Names are:.

Dia Zeinab
Hodeib Ibrahim || Ibrahim Julia || Jaber Abbas || Jaber Layal
Jaber Racha || Kahale Carole || Karam Christelle || Kehdy Sandra
Keyrouz Nina || Khalil Clivana || Khalil Racha || Khayat Marie-Ange
Khoury Aline || Khoury Ralph || Khoury Rita
Komaty Imad || Majzoub Rami || Makhoul Richard || Makhoul Samer
Mallah Manale || Mansour Racha || Matar Rana || Medlej Laudy
Moawad Sabine

Our Poems:

Change your Destiny
By Sandra Kehdy, Aline Khoury

When people die, 
They go to Heaven; 

When they get there,
God will judge them; 

If they have done good things, 
They will stay in Godís arms; 

If they have done bad things, 
They will go to Hell; 

If they go to Hell, 
They will meet the devil; 

When they do so, 
The devil will just make them his Slaves. 

Thatís why
People hope they do not die 
Before they have done a lot of good deeds. 

By Richard Makhoul, Zeinab Dia, Julia Ibrahim, 
Laudy Medlej, Manale Mallah

If you kiss someone on his forehead,
it means respect;
If you kiss someone on his cheek,
it means friendship;
If you kiss someone on his lips,
it means love;
If you kiss someone on his neck,
it means passion;
If you kiss someone on his hand,
it means greatness;
If you kiss someone on his nose,
it means compassion;

But none of those kisses 
will have its true meaning
 unless it comes from your heart....

Essay Writing + Outlining + Transition Words


  • Comparisons
  • Direct/Indirect Speech
  • Passive Voice
  • Question Tags
  • Tenses / objective tests + Subjunctive Mood
  • Verbs not to confuse + Notorious Confusables
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Prompts (General Revision)
  • Error Analysis
  • Phrasal Verbs

  • http://members.fortunecity.com/nadabs/test690.html
    (Interesting Articles to write about)

    10 Commandments of Good Business
    "The Chain of Love" by Clay Walker
    The Man Song: He's The Man!  (Song)


    Free ideas you can use 
    (Presentations, Personal Development, Business Writing, Leadership, Customer Service Issues)

    Do you have to do Research? Click Here!


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