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English Class
At Saint Joseph University

We are 19 third year Human Sciences Students
(Social Workers, Social Animators, and Special Educators)
taking a level A (advanced) English Course given by
Mrs. Nada AbiSamra
at the "Ecole Libanaise de Formation Sociale" (ELFS)
at "Université Saint-Joseph"
in fall 2004.

Our Names are:.

  • Abou Kadah Mirna 
  • Achkar Rachel 
  • Bechara Charles 
  • Daher Aida 
  • Doumit Yara 
  • Farah Krystel 
  • Fares Zeina 
  • Hanna Dalal 
  • Hassrouny El Sarah 
  • Ibrahim Carine 
  • Kai Juliette 
  • Ladki Noha 
  • Mohsen Malak 
  • Mouradikian Talar 
  • Nader Madona 
  • Reaidy Rima 
  • Samaha Line 
  • Tabet Rita 
  • Yazbek Lama 

    Some Students' Interviews

    Students' Advice....

  • "Nothing is impossible with love." Aida
  • "Whatever happens, look at the bright side and remember it could have been worse. By simply doing so, you will gain back your positive attitude." Carine
  • "Share your smile... Share your pain with someone you really trust." Malak
  • "Pray... This gives you Power, Patience, and Courage." Malak
  • "Don't let appearances ruin the beginning of a potential relationship." Mirna
  • "Your attachment to life feeds on the power of love." Mirna
  • "When you feel misunderstood, turn your finger around and point it at yourself." Line
  • "Believe in God and He will Bless and Protect You." Rita
  • "When your friend has gone, whose eyes to compare with the morning sun? Not that you did compare, but you do compare now that she has gone." Madona
  • "Don't say you can't when you haven't tried." Rima
  • Don't ask why this thing is like this... ask why it isn't." Rima
  • "Smile and life will smile back at you." Dalal
  • "Don't be afraid... knock on my door." Krystel
  • "Let your heart lead you." Krystel
  • "Never say anything or answer any question before you have counted till ten." Talar
  • "Give and Love people without expecting anything in return." Talar
  • "Count first on yourself and then on others." Lama
  • "Always look at the filled part of the glass." Rachel
  • "Charity begins with a smile, a look... Don't be afraid to share them with others." Yara
  • "A smile is your passport in life; you can use it whenever you need it: but let it be sincere!" Yara
  • "Live each moment as if it were the first and last one in your whole life." Yara
  • "Life is like a camera; so, keep smiling!" Sarah
  • "Whoever wouldn't die for love, doesn't know love." Sarah
  • "Don't cry because it is over... smile because it happened." Zeina
  • "Never look at your past; live your moment and plan your future." Zeina

  • Essay Writing + Outlining + Transition Words
    Interview Questions / "All About Me" Project
    Writing Prompts / Journal Topics / Interview Questions
    ** GRAMMAR**
  • Comparisons
  • Direct/Indirect Speech
  • Passive Voice
  • Question Tags
  • Tenses / objective tests + Subjunctive Mood
  • Tense Review for Advanced Students
  • Verbs not to confuse + Notorious Confusables
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Prompts (General Revision)
  • Error Analysis
  • Phrasal Verbs:


    **Interesting Articles**

    Build-Up Your Self Esteem + Test Yourself
    20 Tips to Promote Positive Self-Esteem
    Ten Ways to Build your Child's Self-Esteem
    The Misery of Shyness
    What Do Parents Owe Their Children?
    What All Children Want Their Parents  to Know.
    Parents and Parenting (Quotations)
    The Military Spouse
    10 Commandments of Good Business
    If Tomorrow Never Comes
    Listen up and get ahead
    Listening- Advice
    Wisdom about children
    The Rocks in your Life
    The Perfect Heart
    Right NOW (power point)
    Right NOW (text)
    Living with HIV/AIDS in Lebanon
    Learning, Thinking, Labeling, and Knowing
    Origins of Halloween


    Final Examination Theme:
    Social Work in Lebanon

    Individual Topics:

  • Krystel- How can social workers help people increase their creativity?
  • Zeina- How can violence against children be reduced in Lebanon?
  • Rima- Euthanasia: for or against?
  • Sarah- Social Exclusion: how can it be fought?
  • Rita- Prostitution: how can social workers best help prostitutes?
  • Juliette- How can social workers best help drug addicts?
  • Mirna- Prostitution: free choice or not?
  • Noha- How can we help people with disabilities fight for their rights?
  • Aida- How can special educators best help delinquents?
  • Talar- How can social workers help fight cloning?
  • Carine- Boarding schools: are they always the best solution?
  • Madona- How can a social worker help the unemployed cope with their situation?
  • Malak- Homosexuality: is it against nature?
  • Line- How can we improve the situation of the homeless?
  • Lama- Criminals: punishment or rehabilitation?
  • Charles- Should children with disability be separated from the rest?
  • Rachel- How can social workers help improve school retention?
  • Dalal- Why is abstention the better solution?
  • Yara- Abortion: is it equivalent to murder?

  • US Department of State- Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
    English Teaching Forum Electronic Journals:
    Language and Civil Society & Language and Life Science

    Students of the World- An open window on World's cultures:
    Pen Pals, Chat Clubs, Games, etc...


    The 12 Cs for School Success: WHAT IS COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE?

    The Daily Motivator

    Quia- English - top 20 activities

    Character Education Lesson Plans- All subjects

    Rubrics for Teachers

    Online Animations...

    Two-Minute Test || Video Review Form

    English Mentorship Program! Click Here!
    "Students Teaching Students -
    Peer & Cross-Age Tutoring... A Step Further!"
    If you are interested in implementing such a program in your school,
    you can email me at

    Team Building!Motivation!

    10 Commandments of Good Business
    "The Chain of Love" by Clay Walker
    The Man Song: He's The Man!  (Song)


    Free ideas you can use
    (Presentations, Personal Development, Business Writing, Leadership, Customer Service Issues)

    Do you have to do Research? Click Here!
    APA Style

    Relevant Links:
    Social Sciences Links
    Social Welfare Links
    Social Sciences Virtual Library
    Social Welfare- Links
    Community Development Foundation -- Strengthening Communities
    Convention on the Rights of the Child
    Social and Human Sciences Online Periodicals (full text)

    Language Links

    English for Specific Purposes: What does it mean? Why is it different?
    By Laurence Anthony
    What ESP teachers need to do: "...conduct interviews with specialists in the field, analyze the language that is required in the profession, or conduct students' needs analysis..."
    Study Guides and Strategies
    General Guidelines for Formal Oral Presentations
    Managing Nervousness During Oral Presentations- University of Guelph- Canada
    Note-taking Techniques- Taking Good Notes

    Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling
    Grammar Exercises- CNN News room- Excellent- with key
    OHIO University- ESL

    General Writing
    General Writing Concerns (Planning/Writing/Revising/Genres)
    Writing Persuasive Essays
    Online WRITING Assistant
    Essay Planning Guide

    Summary Writing
    Summary Street
    Three Types of Summary: A Guide to Writing Summary
    Summary Principles *****
    Writing Summaries
    Types of Summaries
    Summarizing- Types of Summaries
    Quotations, paraphrases, and summaries
    Resources for Writers:  Summary Writing.
    Reading and Writing in English for Academic and Professional Purposes- Summarise

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