The Ten Commandments
Of a Good Teacher

A teacher is the most important person at school. A teacher is the second mother in class.—She has to love her students; in addition, she shouldn’t differentiate between them. A teacher should have a good posture.—She has to smile; so, her face should always be radiant. A teacher has to explain in a clear way.—She will be a successful person if her students succeed in exams. A teacher is a polite human being.—She shouldn’t shout or swear. She has to be patient with students. A teacher is a helpful person.—The ignorance rate will be decreased when she teaches students. A teacher has to be kind and gentle.—She provides instructions; moreover, she answers all questions asked by students. A teacher is an angel that God put in our way. She is an inspiration from God. A teacher has to be respected by the world.—She helps countries to develop. She always teaches how to read, how to write and gives students a lot of information. A teacher has a sacred mission; she gives without taking.

By Daiana Dib.