Interview with Zeina Fahmé.

_ Where are you from? Where do you live?

_" Iím from Lebanon but I have an Egiptian origins. I live in Zoukak El Blat, Beirut."

_ Do you like living in lebanon?Why?

_ "Yes and no. Yes, because itís my native country and because itís beautiful one. No, due to the spoiled society."

_ Do you like travelling?why?

_"Yes,of course. Travelling opens a lot of fields moreover it enhances my spiritual side."

_Why did you choose to study Business Administration?

_"At the beginning, I was totally lost so I kind of entered this field like that, but now I love it."

_What will you do in the summer vacation?

_"Iím searching for a job for the time being."

_Do you think that youíre really living your age? Why?

_" No, I would like to have more liberty."

_How do you choose your friends in your life? why?

_"Loyal ! because itís the main characteristic that I search for in my friends."

_ Did information about an individual interest you?why?

_" Usually no, because I tend to judge him from my point of view without having any preconceptions."

_Are you an ambitious person? What are your future ambition?

_" Yes, Iím an ambitious person. I would like to go to the " GRANDES ECOLES " ."

_Did you have any nightmare yet? Explain.

_" Yes, last night. I dreamt that I was being followed by a blue Cabriolet. I was in a red car (like my Momís) and they were chasing me all over Beirut. I had an accident and then I woke up."


Daiana Dib.