Q:How do you describe yourself?

R:I am a very simple girl who hates appearences and selfishness, I love people, and I am very ambitious, I always try to do my best in life.

Q:Do you think that you are pretty and why?

R:Well, I think Iím not bad. Anyway in my opinion no one is ugly, what differences you from the others is the psychological side.

Q:What is beauty for you, is it important to be beautiful?

R:I donít care about physical side, what is important is the psychological side, beauty means having good manners and reputation, so beauty comes from the inside, and a person is beautiful when he avoids being bad, selfish, and greedy.

Q:Do you think that beauty affects our personality?

R:Some times beauty affects us negatively, when someone knows that he is beautiful he will be boast ful. However, beauty is necessary because it makes us self confident, and helps us to reach our ambitions or our plans.

Q:Is it important for you to feel that you are pretty and why?

R:I like to feel that I am beautiful because it gives me self confidence, anyway beauty is not the base of our personality, for example if I am ugly I will have other things that makes me proud of myself.

Q:When you meet a person for the first time do you judge him for his appearence?

R:When I meet someone for the first time, I look at first to his clothes, his face, and to his appearence, but I donít judge him for theese things, I always try to get more information about him, like his education, his knowledge, his job, and I insist on his personality.

Q:Do you accept to go out with an ugly person for a date and why?

R:Even if I care about psychological side, a good look is a little bit necessary, thatís why sometimes I refuse to go out with an ugly person, unless he is acceptable.

Q:What is more important for you, the moral or the physical and why?

R:They both complete each other, but I insist more on the psychological side, because when you get acquainted with someone you will deal with his thoughts and his personality, not with his look.

Nada Bou Selwan was interviewing Rola Eido

Christine Abou Selwan <>