Interview with Rana Berjawi
By Ghinwa Eido

1- Could you tell us about yourself in brief?
(Name, age, nationality, address, major, hobbies, family status)

My name is Rana Berjawi, I am 19 years old, I am Lebanese, I live at Sanaeh, Beirut, I am majoring in Business and Management at USJ Campus of Human Science, my hobbies are swimming, listening to music, reading, drawing, I have two brothers one is 15 years old and the other is 22 years old.

2- What do you think about USJ's system? And if you had the power to change only one thing what would it be? Why?

USJ system is very hard, mostly the duration of the courses, it is so long and if I had the power to change one thing it will be the attendance system.

3- Can you tell us about your English background? And what do you think about the importance of talking in English in Lebanon? Is it important for you? why?

First, I started learning English in 1996 at school, then at USJ (level C) and about communicating with this language in Lebanon, I think that it is very important even a must for me and for my colleagues in our major (Business and Management)

4-How can you improve your English skills?

Well, I guess by reading a lot, writing, listening to English songs and by watching TV.

5- After your diploma, what kind of job would like to have? Are you thinking of leaving the country, if yes why?

After my diploma, I would choose between banking or an employee in a company. As for traveling and leaving to work abroad, well I think not, I'd rather stay here and have a job in my own country.

6- Who is you favorite actor? Actress? Food? Country?

My favorite actor is Antonio Banderas, my favorite actress is Salma Hayek, I like Pizza a lot and I prefer Paris as a country.

7- Do you believe in: Away from the eye away from the heart? Why?

Actually I don't believe in that saying, because even though we can't see him or her we can still talk to them by using different sort of communications and specially the Internet.

8- Are you interested in politics? What do you think about the present economic situation?

I am not really interested in politics, as for the economic situation, well it is so so bad in my opinion.

9- Do you believe that women and men could be just friends? And how far could a relationship between them go? Does it affect her relation his her husband or his relation with his wife?

I do believe that women and men could be just friends and I even think that this kind of relationships can last for a long time and that husbands and wives must not refused such relations.

10- What are your aims or goals in life?

My aims in life are: to have my own house, my own car and to travel around the world.

Interviewed by Ghinwa Eido