Interview done by ROLA EIDO with:

Name: Nada bou selwane

Age: 19

Major: business at USJ.


 How do you describe yourself? Do you think you are perfect?

First of all, nobody is perfect. I describe myself as a self-confident girl.

How do you spend your summer vacation?

Every summer I go to the beach. I enjoy lying down under the sun. Sometimes, I join camps and go in missions. I usually donít work in summer. I prefer to go out and see people because in winter I stay at university or at school.

Why did you choose to study business at USJ? Studying business at USJ will help me to find a job easily. To be honest with you, I donít like business. I prefer advertising and communication arts but in Lebanon thereís no good job for these majors.

What are your expectations for the future?

I had many expectations before I started studying business at USJ. Now unfortunately, I donít think that I will find the good job that I am searching for.

 Which characteristics influence you while choosing a partner in life (lover)?

While choosing a partner, I insist on his personality, the way he influences me, the way he imposes himself and the way he looks at me. Most times, the guy that I choose is physically good but there is something I want to clarify: if this guy has bad mental characteristics, I wonít talk to him.

Do you have a boyfriend? If yes why did you choose him . If no, why?

I donít have a boyfriend because I donít know how to act with the person I like. I always get afraid.

Do you like living in Lebanon?

Yes I like living in Lebanon. I am attached to my country and I donít think I will be happy in another country. I like the way that Lebanese people live. There is a lot of love between people and we still find friends in Lebanon.

If anyone offered you a job forever out of Lebanon, would you leave your country and accept the offer? Why?

It depends on the situation. If itís a good job and I will help my parents and my family then I will sacrifice and I will go for it.

How can you summarize your life with your family?

My life with my family is stable. We are so close but sometimes we are a little bit mad and nervous. Anyway, we all have a great heart. Sometimes, I get angry of my four sisters but I quickly forget it and take it easy because I love my family.

What does the word "HAPPINESS" means to you?

In my opinion, "HAPPINESS" means to be with people I love, to live simply without cheating and to get married to the one I love.