Q-1- Can you introduce yourself? (Name-where you live-hobbies)

I am Mustafa, a student in the faculty of Business and management at U.S.J and I live in Beirut at Msaytbeh; my hobbies are aviation and sports.

Q-2- How is your summer going so far? Do you have any plans for the rest of the summer?

I hope I will spend this summer without problems and I am planning to travel to Cyprus.

Q-3- What are you majoring in and do you like it so far? Why?

I am studying Business Management and I like it because it contains a lot of domains to major in.

Q-4- Are you thinking of living or working abroad when you get your diploma? Why?

Yes, I am planning to travel and work in Canada; they offer jobs with big incomes there.

Q-5- What is your opinion about learning a foreign language? Are you interested in learning English for example? Why?

Yes, I love learning a foreign language specially Italian because I like that culture.

Q-6- Are you thinking of taking English courses or any other courses? Like learning how to use the computer if you don't know how to or taking courses in another major?

Now I am taking English courses, but I would like to take more courses to expand my knowledge.

Q-7- Do you think that you are getting a good education at this university or do you think that the other universities are giving more to their students?

I entered U.S.J because I know it is the best in teaching business.

Q-8- Are you getting information about your major from other places than your university? What kind and why?

Yes I am getting information about Business from the internet like management and accounting and economics because I am interested in studying Business.

Q-9- Have you tried to get a job related to your major or any kind of job in another field? Why?

Yes, I have tried to get a job in my major as a cashier in a restaurant, and I worked in an engineering company.

Q-10- What do you think about the interview so far? do you think that someone else could have done a better job?

It was a good interview, the questions were relevant. Good job.

By Maarouf Farhat