Juliana Geagea interviewing Mokhtar Ghazzawi
  1. What can you tell us about yourself?

  2. I am 21 years old, Lebanese, I live in Beirut city and I am a student.

  3. What are you majoring in and who encouraged you to have this major?

  4. Iím majoring in Business and Management at the USJ: FGM, I have finished my first year successfully. My father encouraged me to be a businessman because he has the same major.

  5. By whom are you the most influenced and why?

  6. I do believe in myself a lot but "Rafik Al Hariri" influence me.

  7. As a student what do you think of communication in the world and how do you see the English language in this field?

  8. English is an international language that everyone should learn in order to understand others.

  9. Do you think that the English language is a must or do you take this course as a duty to have your diploma after graduating? Why?

  10. This English course is a must but itís also exaggerated! Itís so tough to have 5 hours a day.

  11. What do you think of what you have already taken in English and how could you improve it?

  12. My English is good but I have to learn more, so to improve it I listen to music and watch English movies.

  13. What is your purpose in life and the thing that you believe in a lot?

  14. Iíd like to have a decent life and I believe in friendship.

  15. Are you satisfied with the system that the USJ is offering? Why? And how would you interfere to change it if you could?

  16. No, Iím not satisfied with this system, I failed my first year because of only one course under the average, so I had to repeat all my year because of one course, but if we had a credit system I could be in third year now.

  17. What do you think of politics and the economic situation in our country? How do you think we can improve ourselves to be like the developed countries?

  18. I think that we should improve our mentality and we should struggle for our class instead of our religion.

  19. What do you think of the interview and how could t help you in the future?
          Itís a good one, itís very informative but the questions were various.  
Juliana Geagea: wildside@inco.com.lb