Interview with Maarouf Farhat
By Moustafa Ghaziri

1-Where do you live?

I live in ain elmrayse.

2-What is your profession?

Iím still a student at USJ.

3-What is your opinion about this English class?

It is very educational and I am very glad cause I am a part of this class; I like it so far.

4-What is your opinion about the economic situation in Lebanon?

Itís increasing, rather quickly and itís preventing the new generation to live and work in their own country.

5-Do you think that we will overcome the economic problem?

I donít know the answer but I hope that the leaders of the country will find a reasonable solution for the problem.

6-Do you want to get a PHD or do you want to begin the work with the BA?

Itís still too early to tell cause I am thinking of traveling when I finish my BA.

7-Do you want to change your major?

No, because this is what I know and I want to do.

8-Do you prefer to work in LEBANON with a small income, or outside LEBANON with a big income?

I would prefer working in Lebanon but as we know the opportunity is not available so we just have to wait and see.

9-Do you prefer to teach business, or work?

I would prefer both if I could but working will be my first choice.

10-Do you think that you will succeed in your future job?

I hope I will, cause I have high expectations for the future.

By Moustafa Ghaziri