Interview with Ginwa eido

Who is Ginwa? Certainly these questions will help you to know more about her .



  1. Where are you from ? and where do you live ?

Iím from beirut . I live in hawd el wilaya .

  1. Why did you choose Business Administration ?

I choose Business Administration because it will help me to manage my own Business in my own company in the future .

  1. Do you think in your major you have a good career in your country and if they offer you a job abroad would you accept it?

I would like to go outside my country but my parents prefer that I stay here so I guess I donít have a choice . After all there are many good jobs here

  1. Are there many immigrats in your country ? and what factors cause people to go live abroad ?

Yes,there are many people who left our country due to the lacks of jobs and the economic situation

  1. Do you think children and teenagers should receive pockets money from their parents or should they work to earn money ?

Certainly, at some age they should have their pockets money, but later when itís possible they should find a job .

  1. what are your hobbies ?

Drawing , swimming , reading , driving cars , Iím just good at all of them .

  1. Do you like music? and what is your favorite singer ?

Yes , of course who doesnít . no special singers but a special song: "my All" by Maria Carrey .

  1. What caracteristics do you like in your friends ? do you choose them for their socio-economic status,their presence or any things else ?

First of all ,I choose my friends ,they donít choose me . I donít care about the socio- economic status of the personal it count that he or she possesed the simplist way to be a good friend : "sincer , honnest , loyall"

  1. What are your dream in your life? And do you think you can make them true ?

Like every one else ,I have a lots of dreams and I realy hope that some day I will have my own company , my own house , my own car. I will do whatever to accomplish them.


By Rana berjawi