The 9th july 2001


Interview with Chadi Hamdi


Q1: Where are you from? Where do you live? Do you like your country?

Iím from Beirut. I live and study in Beirut. I like to travel just like everyone else my age.

Q2: What are your hobbies? Are you able to practice them all?

My hobbies are basketball, swimming, fishing, and walking. Yes, I practice them all: every season has a hobby.

Q3: What are you majoring in? Do you like it? Why?

Iím majoring in Business.

I like it but I had to choose between engineering and Business. I succeeded in business because my first language is French and the engineering is difficult at U.S.J.

Q4: What are your plans for summer vacation? Do you think that you are able to fill your time properly and benefit from it? How?

I donít have plans because I have one month English and two months training in a bank.My summer will be over by them, Iíll benefit from all my time.

Finally, this summer vacation will be useful, but not that much fun.

Q5: When you meet somebody for the first time, are you usually interested in getting some information about them? Which traits affect you the most: the psychological or physical ones?

I donít like to be nosey, but if I meet someone, itís natural for me to want to know something about him. Physical traits are important for the first impression but the psychological traits are the most important for the relationship between people.

Q6: Do you have a girlfriend? Why?

No, I donít have a girlfriend, because I donít have time. Iím always busy with my university. I prefer to limit the relationships to frienship.

Q7: Do you think that youíre really living your age? Do you think that thereís perfect happiness on earth? Why?

We canít always live our age as we wish. We canít find anything perfect on earth because life is like this, we are not always happy. Life is not perfect.

Q8: are you happy with your family? Why?

No one chooses his family and his name. So we have to be happy,put up with it and to be satisfied with what we have.

Q9: How do you like to die?

I like to die in my bed surrounded by my family. This is the best death.

Q10: Do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman? Why? Did you have any experience with this? If yes would you tell me about it.

I believe in friendship between a man and a woman but sometimes it wil progress to love.

I prefer to keep my experience to myself.


Done by: Helen Boulos