By Mary Farah Madbak Mary : - How old are you ? Where do you come from? Where do you live ?and from where are you graduated ?
Chady: - My name is Chady Daoud. I am 20 years old from Lebanon. I live at "EIN EL REMANE" and I graduated from Lycée Culturel.

Mary : - How do you describe yourself ( physical appearance , manners , style , qualities,
defects ? )
Chady :- I am ,ÖÖ I donít know . I like simplicity. I change my look every day . I have bad manners but it seems to attract people. I donít know my qualities but I know that I have a lot of friends and Iím happy in life.

Mary : - What are the hobbies that you practice , and those that you would like to do but
you are afraid of ?
Chady :- I like swimming , diving , dancing , laughing , having fun . Iím not afaid of
doing anything , whatever I want I practice it.

Mary : - What are your goals in life ? and your main dream ?
Chady: - I want to finish my university to start working . I donít have a main dream. I
live day by day. Itís my nature.

Mary :- Are you studying business because it was imposed to you or because you chose
it ? (details)?
Chady:- I chose to study business because it is only 3 years. I thought that their was not
a lot of studying and because it is the "only" field where we can work in lebanon
with the actual situation .

Mary :- If you have to choose between marriage and kids or a good job in another
country , what will you prefer ?
Chady:- If I have a chance to work abroad , I will travel . But if I was married and I had
kids , I will stay in Lebanon to be with them .

Mary :-What do you think about differences between women and men ? and if you were
a women what will you do ?
Chady:-I donít see differences between men and women in our society . I cannot be a
women to suppose anything.

Mary :-what does it mean to you to be independent ? why ?
Chady:- Nothing because I donít see differences between living with my family and living alone. It is the same .

Mary :- How do you describe the women of your dreams ?
Chady:- My future girlfriend or wife will be lovely , soft with straight hair.

Mary :-who do you look up to? and why?
Chady:-I donít have someone for whom I look up to because I see myself normal like this.