Ten questions have been asked to our class mate, Wassim Jabre. Wassim has been too kind to answer them, adding to this interview some black humour.

        1- How do you define life?
                First, Life is "beauty": what makes it beautiful is the progress we reach everyday. Then it's the contact we have with people, everyday we discover something new in others personnality Finally it's politics, because politics help us to reach our goals in life.

        2-What is your greatest fear?
                My greatest fear is to die without seeing my country liberated.

        3-What is your greatest dream?
                My greatest dream is to see my country liberated.

        4-How do you define yourself?
                I'm strong physically, and I think I have the right to kill every person who disagrees with me.

        5-What does faith mean to you? Are you faithful?
                Faith is to believe in God, in our ideas, in our country. Yes I am faithful.

        6-Are you scared of death?
                No, I am not afraid of death; what freaks me out is not living anymore. Death doesn't frighten me cause I believe in God, and I know that there is another life after death.

        7-What kind of man would you like to be?
                I would like to be THE powerful man who has lots of money, and I would like to hold everyone's decision in my hands, so I can do whatever I want with whoever I want.

        8-If you were an animal, what would you be?
                Well, I would like to be a polar bear. He is so beautiful, sleeps too much and eats too much. (laughs)

        9-Have you ever lost hope?
                I've never lost hope. It's against my faith and beliefs.
        When you have faith you can never lose hope.

        10-If you had the choice to fight or to write what was happening during the war, what would you choose to do?
                I would surely choose to fight! I like killing men.... 

by Soha Menassa

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