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" Our greatest glory consists, not in never falling , but in rising everytime we fall."
Every person makes mistakes, has periods of fail. It is in the human nature and we can't afford
it. So, if it is established in everyone's nature , it can't be canceled. This is why ,
everyone of us should try to learn how to deal with problems , how to overcome with them.
Life is made of " up's and downs" , it is current . A human being has to live with it , and for
him to do it , he has , first of all, to admit the mistake , to familiarise with it , for him
to know how to fix it. Then , we find the proper way to deal with it.
The most important thing is to have self-confidence to have faith in ourselves in order to face
situations . We should have the willing , the feeling that we can do it and that we want to.
Reaching this point , it is a great achievment , because everything depends on how we react
toward it , if we show the will to affront it.

" People who live in glass houses should not throw stones"
Every person should have a self-confidence. He should know himself very well , in order to be
able to face situations.
If one person is not a strong one , who doesn't have the capacity to face situations , who is
weack , he shouldn't bring difficulties to his life . He shouldn't act as if he is capable of,
by the time when interiory , he is very weack. This is why, if he commit any fault it will
return to him.He should be aware of each and every step in his life.
The clue may be to have a transparent personnality , a person who doesn't lie to himself in
order for him not to lie to the others.

"As a well spent day brings happy sleep , so a life well spent brings happy death."
A happy and quiet sleep demands a quiet and good conscience. This quiet conscience demands a
quiet and a well spent day. This well spent day depends on our behaviour , on our ability to
control ourselves , to be able to act in a way in wich we believe , in a way that makes us
confident , to be sure of ourselves, doing things by our own will.
This relation with ourself, can be linked to oue acts , because if we believe in ourself , we
are supposed to commit a less number pf mistakes, and we are supposed to deal with it and know
how to face it.
This sample of a one well spent day represents a hall life. In this case, it is not the happy
sleep that is in act , but the happy death.

"No pain no game"
Life is composed of a serial of challenges . In orderer to survive, a human being is supposed
to risk things. These risks are dangerous , there's no doubt.
So, a person should be responsible of his decisions , he has to assume the fact that he is
fighting for something . He may pass by a very difficult situations , a painful one.
But, considering the fact that he wants deseperatly what he's looking for , it shouldn't matter
for him.

"Where there is a will there is a way"
In order for someone to achieve his goals , he should feel the need to do it , in other words
he has to have the will.
Willness is everything in life, because when we don't have the acess of somethinf , just by
believing in it and wanting badly to do it, all ways will be accessible.
But if it is not the case, even if a person have the access but without the willness, he won't
be able to persevere , he will definitly find himself one day or another in front of a passive


"we used to....."
Lebanon was known , from a long time ago , as the greatest country in the Middle East and the
Arab World .
We used to be attached to this idea , as we all want deseperatly to maintain this image of our
We used to be very proud , we used to find all possible ways in order to convey the reality of
our Lebanon, the reality of it's glory.
But not anymore!
We don't "used to " anymore!
We don't , because of an incidence that is supposed to makes us achaimed of ourselves!
And in fact, it did!
Knowing that Lebanon is the second country to have the higher level of CORRUPTION ; we can't
afford being achaimed!
More than that, it is the United Nations , in its last studies, that have confirmed that
Lebanon , after Nigeria , is the country that has the higher position concerning the corruption
That's imply that all the world , know now the reality of our Lebanon. They know and they are
not waiting for us to tell them . From now on, if there is any possibility for someone to
discover our country , he already has the most wonderful and suitable picture of our Lebanon!

1. What is the thing you are the most afraid of? ( brief answer)
2. What is the most important thing you would like to change in the world?  ( explain)
3. Are you satisfaid with what you're doing ? ( yes\no answer + why? )
4. Do you consider yourself ready to face the future? ( Y\N +why?)
5. Do you often refer to other countries , especially the States and France , to talk and
analyse Lebanon? ( Y\N)
6. Do you feel that you control yourself completely and that you know yourself? ( Y\N)
7. Do you feel that time is controling you or that you control time? (explain)
8. Do you see yourself in this society or somewhere else? ( explain)
9. Do you consider yourself free? are you living your freedom in our society? ( Y\N + why)
10. Do you feel that you are confortable in your body? ( why?)
11. Do you feel that sometimes you have to wear different caracters , not yours, for you to
face specific situations? ( Y\N)

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