Thursday, 18 January, 2001

1. What is the thing you are the most afraid of ? and why?

“I am afraid of the future because it is like an adventure, in a big jungle which contains many challenges”.

 2. Are you satisfied with what you are doing ?  and why?

“ Yes, because if I weren’t convinced of it, I wouldn’t do it, nobody obliges me to do anything that I don’t like or that I don’t want to do.”

3. Do you consider yourself ready to face the future? Why?

“ Yes, every minute and every day I am ready to face the future, especially mine, because there's no way to pass my life without passing by it ".

4. Do you usually refer to other countries, especially the U.S. or France, in order to talk about and/or analyze the situation in Lebanon? Explain

“ Lebanon is not a country like France or the U.S. or any other one, it is a country like itself that contains its characteristics and specificities. If we want to talk about it, we have to do it as if we were talking about ourselves, because we are a part of it and it is a part of us."

5. Do you feel that you control yourself and that you are aware of yourself completely?

“ It happens sometimes that people don't control themselves because of a problem or a situation they pass through. But in ordinary life, I think that I control myself, because I know myself."

6. Do you feel that you are controlling time or that time is controlling you? Why?

“ I am controlling time because it's I who decide to divide it for my work and projects”

7. Do you see yourself in this society or somewhere else? Why?

“I was born in this society so I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I live here, I am a part of this country, if I don’t like it as it is, I have to work hard to make it better.”

8. Do you consider yourself free? Do you manifest your freedom in your society? Explain

“ I’m free in my way of thinking and expressing myself, in having an education that helps me to face my society and my future."

9. Do you feel that sometimes you have to adopt different personalities, not yours, in order to face specific situations? Explain

“ No, I'm always myself. I'm not obliged to change my personality to face anybody. This is me, and will always be."

10. Do you feel that you're confortable in your body? Why?

“ Yes, my body is a gift I received from God and a gift must never be rejected, whatever it is. I'm so happy to have, in my opinion, a great body, with a great health that I promise to take care of all my life.”

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