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Internationalization is it unavoidable?
Sun, 11 Feb 2001

        I would like for my part to put the deeply moral arguments that plead in the favor of
globalisation and that one can summarize in a sentence: the integration accelerated of the
marginalized societies .globalisation constitutes an authentic collaboration beyond the
borders, the societies and cultures, contrary to the artificial collaborations of the North -
South dialogues and the bureaucratic elites. it provoked an enormous improvement of the human
happiness in the societies having known to seize the odds that it offers.
Under its impulse, the power will move irresistibly of the countries developed toward the rest
of the world. It is the desire to prevent to all price this transfer that underlies the vision
of the world of the globalization critiques. Their arguments, of my point of view, rest on a
visceral desire to preserve the status quo and to perpetuate the hegemony of their deeply
conservative ideology.
I consider that the hostile attitude toward globalization are deeply immoral ,saying that
globalization produces a lot more losers than of winners, It is simply improper , as all
economic statistics survey  demonstrated it .
The most refined critiques admit that millions of jobs have been created. But, they say, it is
not about real jobs, but of a shameless exploitation of manpower. Buty when we see the well
formed workers of Hongkong, of Singapore, of Malaysia, of Thailand, the workers of  electronics
of Acer,  the workers of the Daewoo motors or the workers of the southern china who escaped a
miserable and exhausting life, we are faced to the fact that these critiques have no
foundations. One sometimes says that the free trade must be subordinated to more important
values. But there is more important value than the one to pull billions of poverty people, to
create opportunities of choice and personal development and to reinforce the democracy
everywhere in the world? The liberal economy of market is by global nature. We should be proud,
individually and collectively, to have contributed to construct that new world order...

Sun, 11 Feb 2001
Saying of the day ,it means that who does not work hard  to get what he wants, he will fail " nothing coems easy" you have to strive to get it ...

It is thursday the 1st of february 2001,this week the week-end begun today ,the
professor that was supposed to come in the morning didn`t come , and we had all the day off ,
we had only the english course in the afternoon , wish I like to attend .

   this day I learned not to say jokes in front of people who does not know em too much ,
because I can be misunderstood , and that will give them bad ideas about me , while I am
totally different.

   As for the saying of the day , I recall a saying for Napoleon " there is nothing impossible
" . It means that when a person is well determined on doing something , nothing can stand in
his way , with his determination he can brave all the obstacles and realise what he wants.
That`s why we say ; " where there is a will , there is a way " .

 Tuesday the 30 of january 2001 , was quite a normal day at the university , nothing much
happened , except learning soem more things at the international relations course , and than
going to the geograhy class in the afternoon and to end the day by the english course, and
going back straight to the gym to finish my workout session.

As for the saying , I proposed the idea of commenting on it , and it came to me when I was
thinking about the gym where is hanged on the wall the saying " no pain , no gain" , and that
means that nothing comes easy in life and in order to get what you want , you have to get
through lot of painful things . That way , when you reach your goal at the end you will be
proud of yourself by accomplishing what you have suffered and endured to get.

Today is thirsday the 25th of january 2001, it was quite a usual day at the university ,
till the afternoon when I tried to start my car wish was parked at the universtity`s parking
and at my big surprise it didn`t start , so I had to bring a mechanic , he exmined it and said
that the problem was in the gas pump , and that I have to wait till the next day to get a new
one . Because of this incident I was late for the english course , and I had to show the
teacher the wrecked gaz pump to make her beleive what happened .
  the causes of this incident relates in a big part to me for neglegting my car after I came
back from the US. and did not take it to the mechanic to do a check up on it.

  As for the saying of the day , when we spend a nice day, without troubles or problems , at
night we will sleep well , without havig nightmares or insomnia , and that`s implies to our
life , if we spend it without making mistakes with anybody , or without hurting anybody , but
at the contrary , if we spend it buy helping people , and doing good to them , when the time
comes for us to die , then we will be clear minded and we won`t have anything troubling our
consioussness .

The israeli elections and it`s impact on the peace process ...

     Since the new " intifada" began , all the arab world stood with Arafat to supporting him
for what he is doing , but unfortunately the " intifada" and what came up from it led the peace
negotiations to a dead end , as well as it did force the israeli prime minister Ehud Barak to
resign from his post as a prime minister , and with this situation israel has to prepare an
early elections for the post of prime minister .

   the politicians thought that the Ex prime minister Natanyahu will present as candidate for
the elections , but he didn`t and let the road open for a person who is known by his extremism
, and his hate for arabs , and it is told that he is the one responsible for the war crimes in
Sabra and Shatila in the palestinian camps in lebanon,as well as he is the one who planned for
the invasion of Lebanon in 1982.
this person ,-Ariel sharon- who is from the extreme israeli right
is taking advantage on the other candidate the actual prime minister Ehud Barak , and that`s
for 2 reasons , that the " palestinian Intifada" began again during Barak`s rule , and Barak`s
policy showed that he     failed by  getting to an agreement with the palestinians , and all
his policy ended by the intifada , secondly the terrorist acts caused by the intifada and the
failure of BArak to controle it , urged the israeli opinion to support a man that his history
tells how much he hates arabs and what he did for them .

       Anyway , the elections are going to take place in the few coming days , and if Sharon
wins , that means two things :

     On one hand , probably the negotiations will continue with the palestinians , and maybe
they will reach to an agreement , and it will be sgned by both parties . - and we should
mention here that if the extreme right signs the peace with the palestinians ,  that means that
no body will stand against this decision from the israeli people because the extreme right is
the side who is kow for its oppositon for the peace process.
    on the other hand , probably the " intifada " will continue and the peace negotiations will
be blocked , and Sharon with his history full of palestinian blood won`t think twice , by
moving forward on what has been accomplished till now , and lead an offensive move toward the

 it`s tuesday the 23rd of January 2001 , it had been a week since I came back frm the
U.S.A. I am trying to get back to my normal life .

   Life in the States is very different than in Lebanon , especially when you are there for
vacation , and you come back to begin the usual routine .
  Anyway , I know that I can`t run from work , unless I decided to quit what I have decidedto
do in my life .
    As for the shocking thing that happened today , that I knew that we have to take a course
in english , and I thought that we have finished it laast year , but it appears that we won`t
get rid of it . Anyway it is not so bad to attend the course , because it appears that it is
not boaring as last year , especially with our new teacher ...

   Now , to talk about the saying of the day , I can say that each one of us has his week
points, and faults , and perfection is not from our world , so it is not apropriate for a
person to critisize , or laugh at another person especially when th first one has too many bad
qualities or mistakes  , because the second one will critisize him too , showing him his fauls
and his mistake.And that`s why we say " people who live in glass houses should not throw
stones" .

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