1-God, who do you think he is?
    In our world, each country has governor and I think that God is the only governor of all the countries and I can say that the first point in common.

2-What do you think of your parents?
    I think that without my parents I can’t continue my life normally. They are my guarantee and I must appreciate all the things that they’re doing to me.

3-What do you most value in your friend?
The most characteristic that I search for in my friends is their capacity to give me trust, confidence and honesty.

4-What was the happiest time you passed by?
     Personally I like very much football. And I think that the happiest time I’ve passed by was in 1994 when Brazil won the “WORLD CUP” at the U.S.

5-What is it what you most dislike?
      There are many things that I dislike especially in our Lebanese society but I think that politic is the most disgusting and we must change it.

6-If you weren’t you, who would you like to be?
     If I weren’t me I would like to be “George W. Bush” because he’ll be the president of the lonely superpower in the world.

7-What is your ambition for life?
     I’m studying low and politic sciences and my ambition is to have political life.

8-What do you think of yourself: Are you optimist or pecimist?
     All of us must be optimist because e must have ambition in our life and continue although the problems that we could resolve in an easy way.

9-Did you ever fall in love?

10-What is love relationship in your opinion?

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